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Empower the Mission of the Benedictine Sisters

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The world needs St. Benedict and Benedictine wisdom!

In today's world, the wisdom offered by St. Benedict is so desperately needed. Benedictine values and practices feed hungry souls and offer respite to the weary. The practices of lectio divina and the dutiful prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours empowers the Spirit to work powerfully in our community and our local church.

Who are these individuals who live the deep calling to the Benedictine way of life? All associated with the Monastery live the Rule of St. Benedict based on Gospel values. Through our liturgical life and wise stewardship, the Sisters--with their Associates and Oblates--create sacred space to respond to the needs and challenges of church and society.

Our community consists of 19 Benedictine Sisters, four Benedictine Associates, approximately 180 Oblates, and many volunteers and friends. We are all united in service to God’s people in our beautiful Benedictine Monastery. Our offerings include community prayer, our retreat center, spiritual renewal experiences, and outreach to the persons living in our neighborhood and in the larger community.

St. Benedict and St. Scholastica are our models of a unique way to live the Gospel and welcome guests to become part of our daily life. We welcome you to come and learn more about the Rule of St. Benedict and Benedictine Spirituality.

Your gift today impacts hundreds if not thousands of lives! The wisdom of the Benedictine tradition has sustained the world for over 1500 years. Thank you for being a vital partner in this mission to live in such a way that in all things God may be glorified!