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Donate now to support the Benedictine Center

Financial gifts to the Benedictine Center empowers our mission to welcome all guests as Christ (Rule of Benedict, ch. 53)

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Finding Peace in the City

THE SISTERS OF ST. PAUL’S MONASTERY REMAIN CONVINCED that Benedictine spirituality can be a resource to today’s women and men as they strive to live faithfully in the world.

The retreat ministry the Sisters have nurtured for 40 years has matured as a setting that blends peace and quiet, silence and conversation, personal study and shared programming. The Benedictine Center remains true to the Sisters' intention to share the monastic heritage of St. Paul’s Monastery with others. Guests find peace by making retreat (personal or in groups), receiving spiritual direction, joining the Sisters for prayer, and creating intentional space and time for their spiritual care.

Since its founding in 1983, the Benedictine Center has carried forward the values envisioned by its founder, S. Veronica Novotny OSB: reverence for God, reverence for creation, hospitality toward all, beauty and simplicity, silence and prayer.

S. Veronica believed these values create a setting for those who seek to gain a deeper awareness of God, a greater understanding of self, and a special love for one another and the unity of all persons. The Benedictine Center continues to carry on the legacy of hospitality to which S. Veronica was committed.

Your gift today makes a huge impact in the spiritual lives of so many hungry for God! Thank you for empowering the mission of the Benedictine Center to welcome all as Christ (Rule of Benedict, ch. 53).