Enhance the hospitality of the Benedictine Center!

Fund the upgrade of Benedictine Center rooms and the furnishing of new rooms in the Monastery.

Enhance the hospitality of the Benedictine Center! image

Mattresses, bedding, and lamps, oh my!

For 41 years, the Benedictine Center has ministered to spiritual seekers and retreatants at the former Monastery building and in our current Monastery since 2009. Each year hundreds of guests find rest and spiritual nourishment with overnight stays joining the Sisters for prayer and meals, meeting with spiritual directors, and finding the silence and peace of the Monastery in their rooms in the Benedictine Center.

Your donation today helps enhance these profound experiences of rest and rejuvenation for guests of the Benedictine Center. What is needed? New beds, bedding, and pillows. Replacing desks and seating areas. Adding adequate ambient light sources and more. In addition to the rooms in the Benedictine Center needing a refresh there are now several rooms in the Monastic Enclosure (where the Sisters live) that are empty and need furnishings. By furnishing these rooms it expands the ability of the Benedictine Center to host larger groups and more retreatants.

We hope that you will come for a stay at the Benedictine Center and directly enjoy the hospitality you are gifting today with your donation.